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I’m quite odd and different but what is wrong with that?One should be proud about being the one you are. And if others can’t accept or like you the way you are, then it’s their problem.. not yours.”


I’ve gone with my gut, taken a lot of the thinking away, and been very lucky. As an artist, if you view what you do as product, you’ll never do anything true to yourself, never do anything you’re proud of. I’ve never thought, ‘My career should go in this direction.’ There’s no way to be tactical for me.”

The strangest part about being famous is you don’t get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.

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Unscripted with Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth

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"I’ve been marathoning Twilight movies all day, which has been totally enjoyable…
and I’m thinking about how easy it becomes to dehumanize the creator or fans of something extremely popular. I’ve done this, too. I made fun of the Twilight movies without even having watched them. I’m sorry for that, and embarrassed. When we make fun of Twilight, we’re ridiculing the enthusiasm people have for unironic love stories. Have we nothing better to satirize? Yes, you can read misogynistic gender dynamics into the stories, but tens of millions of people have also proven that you don’t HAVE to. Do we really believe that tens of millions of people who found themselves comforted and inspired by these stories are merely wrong? Isn’t our disdain FAR more misogynistic than anything in the stories? Art that is entertaining and useful to people is a good thing to have in this world. And I’m grateful for it and celebrate it. So big ups to the Twilight fandom, and to Stephenie Meyer, who has been relentlessly attacked professionally and personally over Twilight…in ways that male authors of love stories never are. I’m gonna go back to watching the movies now. /rant”

- John Green

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All of this doesn’t scare the shit out of you?

Roald Bergmann: “Funny Twilight interview”

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kristen stewart ● short dress

Vanity Fair Young Hollywood 2008 by Mark Seliger

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